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Bank Technical Advice

A355 Strasbourg Bypass

Project Value £450m
Status Ongoing

The A355 project (also known as COS, the Contournement Ouest de Strasbourg) consists of a 2x2 lane motorway, stretching over 24.4 kilometres through the rural Alsace Plain to the west of Strasbourg, around ten kilometres from the city.

This new motorway link runs through the Bas-Rhin department and will affect 24 communes. It connects the A4 and A35 motorways, to the North of Strasbourg, and the A35 and A352 (motorway link between Strasbourg and Molsheim), to the South.

The forecasted traffic on A355 is around 26,800 vehicles/day (average), which includes 3,900 HGVs per day (by 2020). The transport of dangerous goods will be permitted on the new motorway. An independent review of traffic is currently being carried out by Capita.

Capita was appointed in December 2014 as the Lenders’ Technical Adviser (LTA) to provide advisory services to the potential Lenders supporting a French Consortium to secure the 54-year Concession Contract for the ‘A355 – COS’ Project. By focusing on the key technical and contractual aspects, Capita has assessed both the output requirements of the tender documentation and the Concession Contract, and the specific Project proposals developed by the Consortium, in order to gain an overview of the Project risks of the BAFO submission. Capita’s approach to this phase has been to focus on risk, in particular those risks that could be material to the Lenders’ interests, and to propose how such risks may be further mitigated.

In its role as Lenders Traffic Adviser (LTrA), Capita reviewed the Consortium’s forecasts, assessing the risk associated with the underlying assumptions relating to key demand drivers such as (but not confined to): economic/population growth estimates, fuel prices, drivers willingness to pay tolls and competition from roads such as the existing A35 as well as the A5 in Germany. Capita developed a series of alternative traffic and revenue forecasts using risk analysis principles. Key assumptions included the possible lack of implementation of key measures such as the imposition of a truck ban on and the reclassification of the A35.

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