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HFS Estates Assets Management Survey Partners

Client Health Facilities Scotland
Project Value £N/A
Status In progress

Capita has been working with Health Facilities Scotland (HFS) and NHSScotland Boards for the last 7 years, providing surveys so that they can understand the condition of their whole estate.  Our team has surveyed facilities throughout Scotland, from the Shetland Islands to the Scottish Borders, with sites ranging from small health centres to large hospital sites.  This has resulted in surveys totaling in excess of:

  • 4,260,950m2 ; across:
  • 4,267 survey blocks; at:
  • 786 sites; within:
  • 17 NHS Boards

Capita was commissioned to carry out building surveying services including mechanical and electrical surveys throughout the estate following three separate mini competitions between the consultants on the Buying Solutions Framework Agreement “Technical Assurance Services”. Capita was appointed as Survey Partners for phase one, then subsequently phases two to seven of the Estates Asset Management commission.

The surveys consist of statutory compliance and condition surveys as part of a six facet survey exercise. The six facets are broken down as:

  • Facet 1 – Physical Condition
  • Facet 2 – Statutory Compliance
  • Facet 3 – Environmental Management
  • Facet 4 – Space Utilisation
  • Facet 5 – Functional Suitability
  • Facet 6 – Quality

The output information provides a risk based analysis on the current condition of the building fabric and engineering services. The information is categorised by condition ratings A to D and provides information on remaining life of sub elements and approximate costs for backlog defects.

The current phase 7 surveys are providing additional information on elemental life cycle periods and costs over the life of the building.

Surveying within a healthcare environment creates a unique set of challenges, with the operations of the facilities and patient care of highest priority.  Our team’s experience allows us to work closely with the estates team at the sites to ensure that access to undertake surveys causes minimal disruption to hospital and health centre operations.

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