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Leading global Healthcare company

Client Global Healthcare company
Project Value £N/A
Status In progress

We actively seek close mutually beneficial working relationships with our clients and our alliance with a leading global healthcare company is a good example of how a relationship of this type can stand the test of time and ride the peaks and troughs of the economic cycle. We have an active ongoing relationship with a leading company which is serviced by a dedicated site based team supplemented, as required, by support from our main office located just a few miles away from their facility.

We have been working continually with this client in this way since 1994, and continue to support the relationship through the maintenance of competitive rates and through the investment of high levels of senior management time in the relationship. This includes, attendance at regular alliance meetings designed to service the requirements of the relationship outside of the day to day project interactions.

Over the last 22 years we have supported the delivery of numerous projects ranging from a few hundred pounds of consultancy support to £1.5m capital projects. The vast majority of these projects are confidential by nature but all follow a rigorous phased development cycle which ensures that the required business and technical requirements are continually ‘tested’ as each project progresses through each stage gate. Critical to projects in this sector is the adherence to pharmaceutical quality protocols and all projects are driven by an agreed project quality plan that defines the specific requirements at the outset and ensures that they are executed.

The relationship continues to thrive and develop as time goes by. Key to the longevity of the relationship is the maintenance of trust and focusing on what both parties need to achieve from the relationship. Immediate access to a highly skilled, multidiscipline engineering and projects delivery teams with unparalleled experience in the systems, processes and operations carried out on site.

This long-term relationship continues to prove valuable to both parties. It hasn’t been without its challenges over the years but by working through challenges together we have maintained a close working relationship which is over 20 years old. This alone makes it a significant achievement, let alone the tangible portfolio of projects delivered in this time which have supported their continued growth and development on site.

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