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Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor Phase 3

Client Sunderland City Council
Project Value £61 million
Status Ongoing

The Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor (SSTC) is a major infrastructure and multi-phase highways programme that will open up and link major regeneration of a number of sites identified in Sunderland. 

The separate SSTC Phase 3 scheme then has a number of objectives which are:

  • To provide a strategic transport corridor for improved connectivity between Sunderland city centre, the Port of Sunderland, Washington, the A19, A1 and the Tyne Tunnel,
  • To support and facilitate development in Sunderland to take place and to be readily accessible by public/private transport and by pedestrians and cyclists,
  • To improve access to training and employment opportunities throughout Sunderland by providing better connectivity between major employment sites including Nissan and the Port of Sunderland, education providers and residential areas,
  • To reduce traffic congestion on transport corridors by increasing highway capacity and the speed of and reliability of transport links, and
  • To improve the urban environment and road safety for all road users that are currently adversely affected by heavy traffic congestion

We were appointed by Sunderland City Council in July 2015 to provide a broad range of professional services in connection with the development and delivery of the SSTC3.  These services continue to be provided on an ongoing basis.  More specifically the scope of services includes for the following:

  • Project management and support services to Sunderland City Council
  • Studies, surveys, investigations and assessments
  • Full range of technical services to progress outline, preliminary and full detailed design of the scheme
  • Traffic modelling and assessment
  • Producing an Environmental Assessment
  • WebTAG compliant Outline and Full Business Case for DfT submission purposes
  • Planning application preparation, advice and guidance
  • Stakeholder engagement (public and members)
  • Programme development, monitoring and reporting
  • CDM Principal Designer duties
  • Producing NEC contract documents
  • Procurement support during tender process

“Innovation and detail of presentation as well as overall project management” are cited as areas in which our team excels."

Ken Heads Sunderland City Council
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