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Beckton Energy Power Plant

Client Beckton Energy Ltd
Project Value £N/A
Status In progress

Beckton Energy Ltd are designing and building an innovative power plant at Beckton in East London where the main source of fuel is a bio-liquid which is used to fuel Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems.

This innovative project will allow Thames Water and Centrica to utilise the green power generated by the plant. The electricity generated is exported via a ‘private wire’ connection to the adjacent Thames Water Sewage Treatment Works where it will be used to directly power the onsite sewage treatment equipment. In addition, any spare heat generated by the CHPs will be supplied to the adjacent gas pressure reduction station owned by National Grid, replacing the gas boilers currently used to preheat the gas.

The scheme also includes the uses of turbo expanders which act as pressure reduction systems. The key advantages of using turbo expanders in this application is that as well as supplying the desired pressure reduction, they also generate electricity for onsite consumption.

Capita is the 'Engineer' under the FIDIC contract between Beckton Energy Ltd and the EPC Contractor and are providing the following client support roles:

  • Commercial & Contract Management
  • Planning
  • CDM Advice
  • SHE Advisor
  • Commissioning Manager
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • HV Engineer

The Beckton plant is expected to be operational in 2016 and will have an annual output of around 130GWh of electricity, form and installed capacity of 18 MW.

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