D4R7, Slovakia

Client Macquarie, Cintra, Porr

The project involves the DBFOM of the new D4 motorway and R7 expressway in Bratislava, including a 170m span bridge over the Danube River. The D4 will significantly improve local connectivity to the capital and international links, as the route will be part of the European TEN-T network. Construction began in 2016 on the 27km D4 and 32km R7. The 30-years operations period began in 2020 with the first R7 section opening to traffic and the remainder expected in 2021.

Capita is providing lenders technical advisory services during the due diligence, construction, and operations phases of the project. Capita’s responsibilities include carrying out technical audits of the design and construction, environmental services including protected habitats, certifying payments, reviewing costs, programme, lifecycle, and risks for the duration of the concession.

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