SCUT 2, Interior Norte, Portugal

Client Egis (‘Norscut Concessionaria de Auto Estradas SA’)

In December 2000, Norscut Concessionaria de Auto Estradas SA was awarded the 30-year concession contract to design, build, finance, operate and maintain a highway in Portugal known as SCUT 2 Interior Norte.

The complete 155km of highway has to be operated and maintained by the Concessionaire and handed back in the specified handback condition at the end of the 30-year concession period. The infrastructure forms a continuous road running through mountainous country on a north-south alignment through central-northern Portugal and is part of the Portuguese national high-speed road network. The new road has been fully opened and in service since July 2007. Shadow tolls were introduced in December 2011.

Capita was appointed to provide lenders technical advisory services through the duration of the contract. Capita’s responsibilities include carrying out technical audits of the design solution, certifying payments, reviewing costs, programme, and risks during the duration of the concession. Traffic Advice is also provided by Capita.