Aviation Advisory and Digital

Technology has driven many of the changes seen by the aviation industry and is at the forefront of decision making when it comes to operational and strategic decision making.

We believe the biggest challenges facing the aviation industry can be solved in part via several technological initiatives, which provide efficient and comparatively low-cost, low-carbon solutions, such as 3D visualisation and data modelling tools.

Our approach is to review the technology and digital infrastructure landscape both inside the airport and interfacing with it. This enables us to identify opportunities to harmonise and consolidate existing solutions and then suggest emerging technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of the aviation environment.

Our initial survey of the existing systems can provide an unbiased assessment of their performance, capabilities, and integration. We can monitor their effectiveness over time as well as supply, manage, and integrate new systems through procurement, supply and installation, integration, support, hosting and maintenance, across the entire digital spectrum.

We can also work with airports to support their seamless integration with wider transport networks. For example, with the design of EV charging points, so drivers can charge their car whilst they fly; on projects such as Gatwick Airport’s rail station, with GRIP4 and GRIP5 design of Station Information and Security Systems (SISS); or by providing multimodal ticketing for more seamless traveller experiences.