Aviation Environmental, Health and Safety

With around 7% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions attributed to the UK aviation industry, we are committed to supporting the sector in achieving net zero by 2050.

Our Environmental and Health & Safety consultancy teams support our clients through a variety of services, including:

  • Technical evaluation and calculation using the most recent carbon estimation tools to understand an airport or company’s CO2 associated with its operation
  • Advising on science-based targets to meet the net zero ambitions
  • Working with airlines and airports to recommend and design energy saving technologies and initiatives that can help reduce emissions
  • Develop net zero roadmaps to provide a clear strategy integrating science-based targets and realistic measures which can support target achievement
  • Principal designer and other health & safety related roles for both civil and military airport projects

Furthermore, climate change brings greater risks of extreme weather like strong wind, storms, fog, flooding, and overheating, as such it is important that aviation schemes are designed to withstand these extremes and built with the future in mind. We provide advisory services through building control and design, climatic modelling, environmental assessment, and tailored health and safety advice around legislative requirements and compliance to ensure airport buildings and surrounding infrastructure can increase resilience to the changes we face.