Buildings Environmental, Health & Safety

As a community we need healthy, inclusive, and sustainable places to live, learn, and work; this doesn’t come without challenge. The buildings sector is a major contributor to carbon emissions and embodied carbon, landfill waste, the loss of green infrastructure and has a significant impact on health and wellbeing. Our specialist team of environment and safety professionals are able to dynamically respond to these challenges, supporting clients to de-risk technical issues, safely construct, use and maintain spaces and promote environmental and wellbeing benefits. We achieve this across many sectors, including the defence, health, housing, commercial, hospitality and leisure industries. 

Our built environment health, safety, and wellbeing expertise ranges from accredited asbestos and fire experts, to Legionella and confined space specialists, through to dedicated construction health & safety professionals. We support clients with legal duty holder compliance in, for example, the CDM regulations and with construction site assurance reviews. If needed, our expert witnesses can provide forensic audits in the event of an incident. We also have the skills to train and educate, enabling our clients to mature their own health & safety cultures and strategically review their undertakings. 

Our environmental planning team have forged meaningful relationships with local authorities and statutory bodies to be able to develop robust and proportionate Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and drive balanced consent decisions. Our ecologists, equipped with the appropriate licenses, specialise in suitable survey scoping, minimising additional mitigation by optimising the multi-use aspects of the green infrastructure and creating natural capital value. By focusing on identifying abnormal costs and risks, our highly skilled ground engineering team inform the viability of developments. Advising and designing sustainable waste management solutions, our experienced waste experts focus on cost reduction, minimising waste to landfill and storing, reducing and mitigating excessive carbon. Our flood risk team utilise their decade of direct experience working with the Environment Agency to ensure flood and drainage solutions for developments are integrated sustainably and innovatively. This includes multifunctional options which consider biodiversity, amenity, carbon sequestration, air quality attenuation and nitrate neutrality.