Flood Protection Advisory and Digital

We work closely with local authorities, the Environment Agency and their partners to implement flood risk management tools to understand the impact of flood warnings in critical situations. These tools enable maintenance of an accurate flood risk asset register, including visualisation and assessment of potential flood warning areas.

Our flood protection advisory and digital services act as a turnkey solutions for clients to manage and monitor flood risk assets, and maintain them effectively. From grass cutting, dredging, vegetation management, and blockage removal through to inspections, weed control and mechanical maintenance, we help clients to operate a successful annual maintenance programme, and support remotely via a mobile application used by local authorities and their subcontractors to carry out inspection and essential maintenance.  

As well as developing our own bespoke software solutions, we work with several market leaders to provide the best solutions for our clients whilst also leveraging the expertise of our consultants in this area.

We provide a best of breed solution tailored to the needs of our clients.

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