Flood Protection Project and Cost Management

The safe, efficient, and community-conscious management of flood protection schemes has never been more important. The risks of flooding in and around our communities, businesses, and homes highlights the need for a level of awareness and proactive planning in management that can only be achieved with a team of project and cost managers who work closely and collaboratively with flood risk specialists. Whether the scheme is small and specific or large, ongoing, and multi-disciplinary, our teams have the experience to support clients and their communities from the planning stages, through to design, and on to delivery.

For over 20 years, our teams have been working to deliver projects in operational environments with clients like Network Rail, Transport for London, and the Environment Agency. We provide in-house and client-side secondment services, advisory and planning services, and bespoke service sets to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Our teams have provided key project, environmental, and planning services for the UK’s largest flood protection scheme – the £600m River Thames Scheme – on behalf of the Environment Agency. We have also managed the business case, design, modelling, and supervision services on the Pocklington Flood Alleviation Scheme, proving that we take on both the biggest and smallest of projects with the same dedication to quality delivery. When it comes to preventing floods, size really doesn’t matter.

Our project and cost management services include:

  • project management
  • cost management
  • risk management
  • scheduling
  • communication
  • project controls
  • change management
  • construction and logistics planning

These services are all provided by highly qualified project professionals who work in line with PRINCE2 principles and processes, have worked extensively with NEC, JCT, and other contract forms to not only manage but bring value to projects. Our teams provide efficiencies not only through our experience in flood protection and other environmental schemes, but by bringing lessons, innovations, and process improvements from other infrastructure projects across many sectors.