Highways Advisory and Digital

We are shaping the future of highways, via 800 miles of digital roads expected across the UK by 2025 and work with clients in Europe and internationally.

Our highways and digital advisory teams are working with pan-European highways agencies to develop standards for the next generation of digital roads, dubbed Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems or C-ITS, where vehicles and the roadside infrastructure talk to one another, optimising traffic flows, increasing safety, reducing pollution, and bringing a multitude of societal benefits. The same teams are working with data sources to facilitate adoption of connected autonomous vehicles and position the UK as a major player in this space.

Our priority is to make roads safer and cleaner and generate revenue from them for our clients. Our solutions are found in city centres, on bridges, in tunnels and on motorways up and down the UK. The police and transport agencies rely on our services to enforce and prevent driving offences such as dangerous motorway driving or using polluting vehicles in clean air zones. Our teams design electric vehicle charging facilities. We also use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to generate revenue for road operators and reduce pollution and congestion. ANPR is also used alongside our hostile vehicle mitigation solutions to protect the public from road-based threats.

We integrate public transport systems, providing lead designer services across a plethora of digital transport systems, from the customer touchpoint to the back office. From real-time passenger information systems and bus prioritisation, to multi-modal ticketing and mobility as a service, our consultants and designers integrate transport systems, transforming customer experience and efficiency to increase ridership across public transport networks.

We make highways operations more efficient. Several of our software solutions are used by UK transport agencies, such as Transport for London and Highways England, where we provide, design, build and delivery of road transport software solutions. These are used to optimise traffic flows, manage the vast numbers of highways assets on our road networks, set congestion targets, and efficiently manage highway maintenance.

Our transaction advisory team provide independent lenders’ technical advisory services for the global highway Public Private Partnerships (PPP) market. We provide quality independent technical, usage, and patronage advice to lenders and bidding groups to secure funding and to mitigate risk.

As well as advising during bidding stages for new projects we provide technical advice for secondary market transactions including acquisitions, sales and refinancings for both debt and equity investors. We provide all our clients with objective advice and opinions to understand risks, to make value-enhancing decisions to reduce costs, improve efficiency and adopt innovative and leading-edge solutions on their projects.