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The public sector is constantly challenged to reduce costs and improve services in addition to delivering the objectives of the NHS Improving Quality agenda, while business carries on as usual. Traditional NHS Estates and Facilities roles are finding that they need to evolve to embrace a more holistic approach, in order to keep core facilities in good working condition and to a standard expected by both regulatory bodies and the general public.

Capita Health Partners believe that leading edge thinking and new ways of working are key to reducing estate costs: we are working with NHS Trusts all over the UK to optimise their property assets, introducing collaborative management and best practice and developing strategies and solutions to increase capital receipts whilst reducing costs.

Making a difference

We are passionate about making a difference in health and delivering real value for our clients. We recognise that we can only be successful when our clients are successful.

Together, we listen, create, deliver

We believe in the NHS...

But we don’t believe the health sector can simply ‘build its way’ to success; we maintain our focus should be on engagement with clinicians, staff, patients and investors to change the way they work and use buildings.

Our unparalleled expertise in clinical service redesign, coupled with health related experience, motivation and insight, enables us to provide the appropriate innovative (or more traditional) solutions that deliver improved services and facilities, savings and carbon reduction, management and mitigation of risks and better integration with social care.

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