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Visualisations are an integral part of today's architectural, engineering, design and advertising landscape.

From public consultations, marketing, tenders, design approvals and obtaining finance, they offer tangible benefits and added value.

Engineering your vision into reality

Capita’s visualisations repeatedly succeed in raising the profile of developments around the world.

Engineering data can be realised in many different graphical forms. By using one or more of the various techniques of computer visualisation, we can aid the communication of ideas and ensure that all parties involved fully appreciate each other’s planning and methodology.

Visualisation is a highly effective tool for communicating a project

Capita’s Visualisation team has a strong track record and experience of delivering visualisation services on high-profile multi-discipline projects. Using our Virtual Reality equipment in our East Grinstead and Stockport offices we can command our designs virtually, providing bespoke solutions for our clients and designers.

Champions of 3D visualisation report back that, “it changed the atmosphere of the room”. When struggling to get a client onside, the use of a 3D construction animation brought unity to our collective vision. “It should be a part of our everyday business”!

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