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Our Graduate and Apprentice Hubs

We have a community of over 200 graduates, apprentices and trainees in a number of offices across the UK. Each of our major regions is home to a 'hub' that we have set up to keep our graduates, apprentices and trainees communication, collaborating and socialising with each other. 

Each hub contains offices in and around that region with a Champion heading up each one and a representative from each office within it. Our hubs come together on a regular basis to share best practice and also network with senior members of the business. 

If you join our team of graduates, apprentices and trainees, you will be allocated to a hub based on your region and enjoy the benefits and support from peers and our senior sponsors and mentors. We have hubs in:

  • Birmingham 
  • Wales and Bristol
  • East Grinstead 
  • Leeds and Sheffield
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Glasgow and North Tyneside and Cumbria
  • Belfast

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