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Gender Pay Gap report

Capita has recently reported on its Gender Pay Gap as required by Government.  These new regulations, which came into force in April 2017, require that all organisations employing over 250 staff should publish their data on the Government website by April 2018.  Capita has published data for the whole of Capita as well as for 28 of its individual legal entities.  

What is the Gender Pay Gap
The Gender Pay Gap calculation looks at average earnings between men and women.  It is entirely different from equal pay which looks at the pay of men and women who perform equal or similar roles.  There are multiple reasons why an organisation might have a gender pay gap including the fact that there are higher proportions of men and women who choose to enter particular professions or sectors.

What do our figures reveal?
In line with many other organisations our figures reveal that we have a mean gender pay gap of 36% and the main reason for this is that we have a higher proportion of men than women in senior roles, coupled with higher numbers of women than men in more junior roles, and this is also reflected in the bonus pay gap.  

What are we doing to improve the gap?
We recognise that we have work to do to encourage women into senior roles and we are committed to improving the gap.  We have recently launched a Career Development programme which is accessible by all staff and will enable individuals and their line managers to understand what is needed to support colleagues to progress within our business.  We are also committed to setting up a Gender Balance working group which will be steered by our Senior Management Teams to look at how we can address ways to recruit, attract, and develop career opportunities for women into all areas of our profession. 

Read the full report here

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