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We support you

At Capita Real Estate and Infrastructure we are keen to support our people their professional skills and experiences. We make sure that you make the most of available training and learning opportunities that allow you to work towards a professional qualification with a registered professional institution and build your competencies and broaden your skill set. Joining Capita Real Estate and Infrastructure also provides you with the unique advantage of becoming part of our family of prestigious brands including GL Hearn, ESA architecture and BCS Design.

What do professional institutions do for you?

Professional institutions encourage you to develop your career whilst ensuring that you maintain the highest standards of professionalism and learn from best practice in your industry.

A professional qualification will bring you many benefits, including:

  • Recognition for your hard work and expertise
  • Improving your career prospects
  • Potential to increase your salary
  • Greater influence within the company and industry
  • Access to life-long learning
  • International recognition of your qualifications
  • Professional Status within the industry

It also demonstrates your competence to clients, as well as giving them confidence that you are abreast of current affairs within your industry.

You pathway to a career in property

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